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With a passion for building community GPC designed our offerings around two focus areas.

Community Development 

We offer consulting on public space management with Placemaking professionals such as Business Improvement Associations, creating safe and active places for people to enjoy. 

A vibrant business district combined with a variety of strong, local NPO’s that support arts and culture and social challenges have been Gay’s focus in the past. After spending her life traveling across those two paths, she has skills and knowledge that rise from that experience.  

Organizational infrastructure  

Delivering leadership workshops and training in the practical elements of organizational infrastructure – governance, Board of Director management, planning, processes and setting direction. 

Gay has been on both sides of the Board table and is uniquely positioned to provide the tools needed to do the job with confidence, integrity, and excellence. 

Engage a consultant with extensive experience and knowledge of organizational structure to build a strong and successful non-profit organization. 

We can customize workshops and services to suit your organization’s current situation.


Overall Organizational Mapping

An all-encompassing service for organizations that want to improve all aspects of their operations.

Purpose: to provide organizations with a roadmap to success.

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There are five elements to the system:

  • Assessment
  • Governance
  • Policies
  • Planning
  • Efficiencies

First we will assess the organization from tip to toe.

Once the assessment is completed, we create an action Map: this is a plan complete with actions to be done to:

  • Update governance structure
  • Institute board and staff policies and infrastructure items
  • Create high-level planning with a roadmap for the organization going forward.
  • Determine where and how to make the operations of the organization most efficient.

We supply instruction for staff and board to ensure that the board’s high-level plan is operationalized, enabling the staff to implement and achieve the goals set.

Board of Directors Management Package

Purpose: Develop Board of Directors management for successful governance.

This service provides the board of directors (BOD) with training and tools needed to understand their roles and successfully achieve goals set out in their strategic plan.

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The Board Management Package includes:

  • Board governance training session
  • Executive training
  • Ongoing plans
  • Templates to streamline board governance
  • and more

We do pre-session preparation, workshops, and a follow up report with recommendations for next steps and prioritizing those steps.

Result: A well governed organization with an engaged and effective BOD, and an enhanced reputation with the community and stakeholders.

Strategic Plan Roadmap

Our custom GPC comprehensive process is intended to be participatory, engaging, creative and slightly outside of the box. The plan, tools and support delivered are designed to be practical, user friendly and guide implementation of the plan’s strategies and goals.

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I call this “Roadmapping” as it will help you to determine where you want your organization to go and how you intend to get there.

Strategic Roadmapping comprises preliminary work, including a survey to gather input in advance and save time. Then we have a facilitated session, virtual or in person. One possibility is an outdoor (COVID friendly) Nature Break style gathering

After this session I compile all the information collected during the pre-session survey and the facilitated Roadmapping, then provide you with a practical document which will assist you in successfully achieving your goals.

Leadership Transition assistance

If you want to plan for a transition of your organization’s leadership or need to manage a current change this service will help.

A succession strategy and transition plan are vitally important to any organization. 

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Having the right tools and plans in place before you need them helps to ensure a smooth transition in leadership with minimal loss of momentum. This translates to your organization saving time, money and energy, helping long term sustainability.

We develop a general transition plan that is customizable as required at the time of use, or if needed help you implement it right away. The plan task list includes: HR committee set up, job descriptions, employment agreement template, ideal transition details, exit package recommendations, a list of board decisions to be made, tasks for staff to complete, hiring timelines and financial considerations.

To help you through the transition we conduct an HR review and job description updates, supply evaluation templates, interviewing tools and advice. Striving to protect both the organization and team members. The goal is to set your new leadership up for success.

Nature Break Gatherings

An out of the box option for you –  We can do Board of Director meetings outdoors for organizational Strategic planning and Board training sessions in a COVID friendly manner. Bringing back cohesiveness to boards, build teams and result in better operations.

Walk and Talk your town

Here is an ideal service that will help with community recovery. We bring together community builders (BIA’s, Chambers, Municipal staff, Economic Development etc) to walk through their  Downtown or commercial retail district to assess the strengths, weaknesses and potential for change; improvements in the streetscape and help develop place management strategies, bringing vitality back to these areas which have been so hard hit by the pandemic.

Community assessments

This is a comprehensive service package that will provide a wide-ranging assessment and useful recommendations.

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Looking at your community with a fresh set of eyes and an objective viewpoint to identify opportunities, keeping three perspectives in mind: Would someone want to live here, do business here, visit here? How we will accomplish this:

  • Pre-visit research
  • On site visit
  • Present findings and suggestions to key community leaders and participants.

The main goal for outcomes is product development. With an objective evaluation and practical suggestions, you can build enthusiasm within your community to improve your destination. Combine some immediate gratification items with long term planning to get everyone happily working together, all pulling the wagon in the same direction!


Governance fundamentals (for group of non-profits)

When sitting on a Board of Directors it’s imperative to be knowledgeable, properly prepared and equipped to navigate the complexities of the position.

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We will cover guiding principles, responsibilities of the Board, components of Governance, monitoring and your organizational “Tool kit”.

Understanding organizational structure and Director roles helps ensure that you will successfully achieve the goals of the organization.

Join Gay as she leads staff, Board members and organization leaders through the governance process.

Who’s Driving the Bus? Organizational Plan.

Organizational strategic planning demystified workshop. A fun way of looking at the planning process and how to make it useful in your day to day operations.

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Part one: The strategic plan. Understanding the role and responsibilities of the Board of Directors in setting the direction of the organization. Designing the roadmap, prioritizing goals and determining measurables. Using committees – Your road rally teams. Roles of the BOD and Executive Director.

Part two: Getting it done!  Creating the operational plan that ensures the strategic plan moves forward. The operational plan is your detailed travel plan or itinerary.

Working with goal priorities set by the Board. Breaking goals down into specific actions to be taken in order to accomplish those goals. Determining metrics; how you will measure and track success. And more!

Part three: Exchange of best practices and cautionary tales.

This workshop will be of interest to Board members and Executive Directors!

Succession and Transition

A succession strategy and transition plan are vitally important to any organization. This workshop will outline what needs to be in place for a seamless transition in the leadership of your organization.

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Prepare …Assess the organization’s current situation ……fill your tool kit ……it is best to have them BEFORE you need them!

Protect …The goal is to protect both the organization and the team members.

Implement …The groundwork is done, the tools are gathered……you are well prepared to tackle the job.

Motivation: Imagine the difference between building a house with, versus without, the floor plans and power tools!

Board Development: Recruit. Train. Plan.

Creating a strong Board of Directors is a foundational pillar in building your organization.  This workshop gives you the guidance to help you be intentional with Board development. Covering:

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Recruiting …Get the right people on board by ensuring they each understand the expectations and reality of what they are signing up for.

Executive Succession … Prevent chaos by having a good succession plan in place.

Prepare, Protect and Implement (PPI) applies here as well …Follow the plan and use the tools! None of it is any good if you don’t utilize it!

Remember . . . The purpose of the Board is to guide the organization while governing themselves.

Partnerships in Placemaking

Enhancing the public realm can have a significant impact on your neighbourhood. If you want to learn more about activating public spaces, thus attracting more people, consider this workshop.

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Place Management . . . Public space strategies can include everything from beautification, activities, music, street games, seating, events to major projects.

The Wheel…Inspire people to work together towards a common goal…Look for those who share your goal…Communicate often…Build relationships.

We will cover: Developers, urban design, Place management, Public engagement, organic ownership, business attraction and retention.

Results . . .A vibrant and successful neighbourhood where life is happening, people gather to do business, live, and have fun!

Business District Dynamics

We will talk about how we can go about creating a dynamic Downtown or business district. This is a group presentation designed to be delivered to retailers, community stakeholders and municipal officials. Some of the elements we will cover include:

  • Playing well with others: The Power of Plenty
  • Know your district:
  • Referrals: we are all in this together.
  • Preventing leakage: online presence. Know your customers
  • Curb appeal: never underestimate the power of the aesthetics.
  • Public space management: activation attracts people.
  • Learning from others: don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Destination development: what make a place dynamic.
  • Working with partners: developing relationships
  • Authenticity: they know if you are faking it.
  • Champions: recognize, develop, utilize
  • Getting things done

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